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Custom Software Development, Business Software Solutions & web application developers
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An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

Customized Software

Completely customised web solutions for your organization's different CS requirements

Tailor-Made Solutions For Your Business

Customized Software refers to specially made computer programs orthe swebsite which are specifically written for a company, as per their requirements of doing business. Simayaa offers customized Software development services. Simayaa aims to develop user-friendly customized software to accommodate customer expectations and preferences, eliminating all scope of hidden dangers not mentioned in specifications.

  • Complete Revolution in operational aspects.
  • Tailor-made solutions for all operations.
  • Generating accurate and reliable data.
  • Saves Time
  • Offers Better Control, Better Management, Improved Management decisions.

Our Services

Solution Outline and Define

We define the customized software solution, understand the scope and objectives of the business. A primary outline is prepared based on which the software is customized.

Design Software

Our team designs the customized software based on customer requirements. Our team of experts explores all aspects of the business, to build the best design.

Build Solutions

We build customized solutions as per user requirements and business objectives.

Validate Solutions

Strict practices are followed to validate customized software for user convenience.


We offer complete support and guidance on software use. Technical help and support is easily available for our customers.

You have questions. We have answers

What are the indications that my business needs custom software?
  • You are guilty of not using the latest technology.
  • Your current software is not working for you.
  • Spending plenty of time with admin work without automating.
  • Your spreadsheets seem overburdened.
How does my business benefit from using custom software?
  • Reduce all risks of errors caused due to human involvement.
  • Stay up-dated with business information with automatic business processes.
  • Reduce Costs – Cut down paper work costs, manual administration costs.
  • Better efficiency.
What are the basic steps involved in the creation of a custom software application for my business?
  • We outline and define software solutions.
  • Designing of software.
  • Building customized software.
  • Validation
  • Support
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Improve Your Online Visibility, Increase Your Exposure, Get More Opportunity And Create Your Brand!

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    Get More Exposure

    Clients prefer candidates who have their own websites - if you have a website, you are a step ahead in the race!

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    Share Your Story

    Everyone has a story! Let your clients know your story - build a strong connection with your potential clients! Communicate and Connect through your website!

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    Impress Your Clients

    Your website will speak for you! A nicely built website, easily navigable with a rich portfolio, details on your products and services is the way to help your clients understand your expertise, skill and ability!

Technologies We Use
  • html
  • Wordpress
  • Joomla
  • drupal
  • magento
  • prestashop
  • dotnet
  • jquery
  • Cake PHP
  • Code Ignitor
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