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An ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified Company

Terms of Services

Our terms of service enable the client to know the do's and the do not's of our varied services. We advise the visiting clients to read this carefully to know how good can we serve and how far. Minutely go through it and know how you can avail the best adhering to the terms.

  • The content or any information of the site can't be published without our consent. All the rights have been restored by Simayaa Technologies.
  • Simayaa Technologies reserves the right to alter, postpone, or suspend any service at any time with a prior 10 day notice.
  • All legal measures shall be issued to the jurisdiction of the courts in West Bengal, India and shall be directed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of India.
  • If the projects are disqualified from being executed due to natural causes (death, accident or reasons beyond our reach) of the employees then none of the parties will be held responsible.
  • The assignment of Resources, including work timing and start date will be agreed upon by both parties and will be documented in an email to Customer.
  • The Resource working for a Customer is a full-time employee of Simayaa Technologies who will work either full-time, part-time or hourly for the Customer based on the model hired by the Customer.
  • The Resource will work exclusively for the Customer, who will assign him tasks on regular basis based on priorties and will be responsible for the projects developed by the Resource under the assignment of the Customer.
  • The Customer will have to provide license to any 3rd party software that needs to be used in order to execute the Customer's job.
  • The Customer can terminate a Resource anytime if he/she is not satisfy with the output of the Resource with a prior of 15 days notice period.
  • Simayaa Technologies will send the invoice to the Customer along with the Job Description and time log for the work done by the Resource.
  • Simayaa Technologies will adjust the Bill if the Resource work less than the stipulated time.
  • Simayaa Technologies will sign NDA to adhere to legal as well as personal privacy policies.
  • The Customer own all intellectual copyrights of the work done by the Resource.

By applying to Simayaa Technologies customer accepts that he/she has considered and agreed to be bound by all terms and conditions of this agreement as stated above.